About Wickens Ranch

Regenerative Montana Ranch.

We're a 4th Generation Montana Ranching Family.

Just outside of Winifred, MT, Wickens Ranch has an abundance of healthy grassland, ideal for raising cattle and producing delicious, regenerative beef that's sought after by top chefs and home cooks. But for us, it's about more than really good beef...it's also about running a sustainable ranching business, and in doing so building more resilient rural communities. Click the image to the right to read our magazine!


Delicious Beef.

Wickens Ranch pastureland is home to a wide variety of nourishing native grasses that our cattle graze season after season. When our animals are ready, we finish them on a unique ration that includes local barley, peas and legumes. This diet - combined with slow production, low-stress handling and good genetics - produces the flavorful, tender and well-marbled beef that you (and we) love to eat. 

Regenerative Ranching.

Our ranching philosophy is centered on supporting natural processes - that's why we graze cattle according to Allan Savory's holistic management principles.

For more than a decade, we've been working hard to strengthen the health of the grasslands we steward to nourish our cattle, protect the longevity of our ranch and build a more resilient rural community.

Keeping it Local.

Humus and humanus — Latin for fertile ground and human — share their root word. Even in Hebrew, the name Adam translates to the man who was made from the ground. We believe the relationship between humans and the earth is ancient and vital — and that's why we're committed to strengthening that connection, right here in the great state of Montana. We're focused on local delivery and do not ship our beef out of state.