Wickens beef

Half Beef


Love the selection of a whole beef order, but don't have the freezer space, then our half beef option is the best for you. Great for small families, the variety and cost savings compared to buying individual cuts to feed the whole group are winners.

With Wickens Ranch Beef, you can feel confident in the power of your purchase. 

Save 30% when you purchase beef in bulk.

What is included? 

Approximately 220# +/- 10% 

50% Ground Beef

22% Steaks

18% Roasts

10% Ribs, Bones, Offal


Ribeye, New York Strip, Tenderloin, Sirloin, Denver, Delmonico, Flank, Flat Iron, Cube, Skirt Steak


Tri-tip, Chuck, Shoulder, Eye of Round Roast


Brisket, Beef Bones, Short Ribs